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Planning the Ultimate School Disco: Why You Need The Best Children’s Entertainers In Essex!

School discos are a staple of childhood memories, and planning the perfect one requires attention to detail and entertainment that captivates young minds. While a DJ might seem like the go-to choice, opting for a children’s entertainer can elevate the experience to a whole new level of fun and engagement. And when it comes to choosing the right entertainer, Moji Children’s Entertainer tops the charts.

At Moji Children’s Entertainer, our mission is to transform school discos into unforgettable experiences filled with magic, laughter, and endless joy. We take pride in our ability to engage young minds and create memories that last a lifetime. From winning the esteemed Essex Mums Awards for Best Children’s Party Provider to offering comprehensive entertainment packages, here’s why choosing Moji is the secret ingredient to planning the ultimate school disco. Take a look at our school disco packages here

DJ and children's entertainer for school discos essex

The Ultimate Disco Experience

While a DJ provides great music, combining it with a children’s entertainer like Moji guarantees an unforgettable disco experience. The blend of music, magic, puppetry, and interactive games creates an ambiance that transcends the usual dance floor vibe.

The Moji Difference

We don't just bring entertainment; we bring an entire package designed to make your school disco a roaring success. Magic, puppets, bubbles, snow, disco games, dances—we've got it all, bringing a plethora of activities tailor-made for both infant and junior discos. We bring an array of entertainment that keeps the kids on their toes.. But that's not all; our dedication extends beyond the performance. Need help planning or eye-catching school disco posters? Count on Moji to ensure every detail is taken care of.

Best party provider badge Essex

Award-Winning Excellence

Winning the Essex Mums Awards for Best Children’s Party Provider was an honor that truly reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional entertainment. It's a testament to the trust and love we've earned from both parents and kids, and it motivates us to keep raising the bar higher.

Engaging Every Child

We understand that engaging every child is key to a successful disco. Our performances are meticulously tailored for both infants and juniors, ensuring that every child feels included and entertained. From the shyest in the room to the most enthusiastic dancer, we know how to create an atmosphere where everyone shines. All of our activities are inclusive and no one gets eliminated.

School disco dj and magician essex

Planning the Perfect Time Length

When it comes to planning the duration of the disco, our experience has shown that an hour works wonders for infants. It's an optimal time frame that keeps their attention and leaves them wanting more. For juniors, an hour is fantastic, but we've also seen that extending anything up to an hour and a half allows for even more excitement and engagement. It's generally best to also try and keep your turn around times between discos to 15mins. We can help you get the kids organised for a smooth transition

Creating Unforgettable Memories

At Moji Children’s Entertainer, it's not just about the entertainment; it's about crafting magical moments that kids will cherish. Our goal is to make every school disco an event that leaves a smile on every child's face and a treasure trove of memories to take home.

Ticket Sales

Selling tickets to a school disco can be a breeze with the right strategy in place. At Moji Children’s Entertainer, we understand the challenges of ticket sales and offer a helping hand through our streamlined planning process and invitation system. Start by creating a buzz among students through engaging announcements, colorful posters, and interactive promotions. Utilize our invitation system, designed to simplify ticket distribution and tracking. Additionally, leverage our expertise to assist in planning and executing effective ticket-selling strategies, ensuring maximum participation and excitement among students and parents alike. With our support, selling tickets for your school disco becomes an effortless and rewarding experience.

Food, Drink & Glow Sticks

Enhancing the school disco experience often involves offering delightful refreshments, either through a tuck shop or by including snacks in the ticket price. Consider setting up a vibrant tuck shop, brimming with an array of kid-friendly treats, drinks and even flash toys and glow stikcs, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. Alternatively, bundling snacks into the ticket price ensures every attendee enjoys a delightful treat without any additional hassle. At Moji Children’s Entertainer, we can assist in planning the snack offerings, suggesting popular and appealing options that cater to various preferences. Whether it's organizing a tuck shop or incorporating snacks into the ticket price, ensuring access to tasty treats elevates the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the school disco experience.

So, when planning your next school disco, choose Moji Children’s Entertainer for an experience that goes beyond entertainment—a journey filled with laughter, wonder, and pure delight. Let's make your school disco the talk of the playground!

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