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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Upon submitting your booking fee to Moji Entertainer Ltd, your booking will be governed by the following terms and conditions, encompassing all our services, including but not limited to photo booth hire, face painters, DJs, popcorn, candy floss, and slush hire.




Moji Entertainer Ltd maintains public liability insurance, covering all our services. Our team, consisting of freelancers, is equipped with public liability insurance and up-to-date DBS checks. Rigorous recruitment and training precede the inclusion of any staff into the Moji Entertainer team. All electrical equipment used is either brand new or PAT tested for safety.


For safety reasons, at least one additional adult, besides the entertainer, must be present throughout the entertainment or services we are providing. This adult need not actively participate but should be available in case of any unforeseen incidents. It remains the customer's responsibility to ensure compliance with this requirement. Children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times


Cancellation Policy


Booking fees are transferable but non-refundable. In case of a cancellation, the following fees apply:

  • Cancellations over 4 months in advance: Loss of holding booking fee.

  • Cancellations under 4 months in advance: 25% of the total remaining balance.

  • Cancellations under 1 month in advance: 50% of the total remaining balance.

  • Cancellations under 14 days in advance: 100% of the total remaining balance.


In the event of illness or circumstances necessitating rescheduling, fees still apply, but the booking can be rescheduled within two weeks (weekend) or two months (midweek) of the original booking.

For cancellations due to reasons beyond our control (e.g., government advice, pandemics, etc.), efforts will be made to transfer the deposit to an available date and service, but non-refundable if the customer decides not to continue the booking.




In case of COVID-related issues, booking rescheduling is not limited to a timeframe; customers can choose any future date, and Moji Entertainer Ltd will assist in finding a suitable date.


Booking our Services


A booking is confirmed upon payment of a booking fee or full amount, cleared into our account. Confirmations are sent upon acknowledgment of payment. No cheques are accepted.


Our Entertainers and Staff


Although it is unlikely we will need to make any last minute changes. Moji Entertainer Ltd cannot guarantee specific entertainers or team members and reserves the right to change staff at any time. Moji Entertainer Ltd also reserves the right to refuse or cancel bookings for reasons including customer misconduct or potential harm to staff. 




Unless fully paid in advance, the remaining balance must be paid in cash on the day to the entertainer or event team. Failure to pay promptly may incur additional fees. Any unforeseen fees such as parking charges will be added to the remains balance to pay.


Please note, for payments made by bank transfer, we require an email from you to notify us that the payment has been made and for the deposit or full payment to have cleared into our bank account. You will then receive a confirmation from us, acknowledging payment and confirming the booking.


Moji Entertainer Ltd is a VAT registered business, as such all payments made directly to Moji Entertainer ltd will be subject to 20% VAT. Our VAT registration number is GB432829684.


For clarity, Moji Entertainer Ltd only handles booking fees for the services provided to our customers. The remaining fees and and balance payments are not subject to VAT as they are to be paid directly to the performers and team supplying their services. The outstanding fees do not get paid to Moji Entertainer Ltd, they are direct payments to the freelances and agents providing services booked by Moji Entertainer Ltd. These providers are all responsible for their own tax and national insurance liabilities. 


If you require an invoice from Moji Entertainer Ltd for the outstanding fees to be paid, please be informed that, as we are VAT registered, 20% VAT will be added to the overall balance. 




Moji Entertainer Ltd is not responsible for damage caused by children, adults or any member of the public at your event. Liability is limited to the total fee paid directly to Moji Entertainer Ltd. Individual performer or team members payments cannot be refunded. Any disputes or potential discounts regarding fees owed to performers should be resolved at the event before paying. In the unlikely event that refunds or compensation is requested, you accept that any refunds or compensation given will be limited to the total fee paid directly to Moji Entertainer Ltd. 


Every effort is made in our planning to ensure that your entertainer or event staff have been allocated sufficient travel and set up time to be set up and ready to supply the services booked through Moji Entertainer Ltd at the time booked. Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for circumstances beyond our control.


We supply our services on the assumption that we can park directly outside your venue and can easily wheel/carry in any equipment we bring a short distance to where it is being set up. If this is not the case, you must inform our office as this may require additional planning and allowing additional time for setting up, packing down and travel between events. Failure to do so may result in your start time being delayed or your service end time being cut short. 

Damage to providers equipment

Customer acknowledges that it shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the Provider’s Equipment caused by any misuse of the Provider’s Equipment by Customer or its guests.


What we need to supply our services:


We will need access to electricity, the space to set up our equipment and then safely provide our services. We will also need access to clean running water.  Customers are responsible for informing of allergies and venue changes. 


If you need to make changes to your booking(s), these must be submitted to us in writing. 


Booking requirements:


  • Parking spaces for the staff.

  • Power supply must be provided.

  • Inform the office if the venue is not easily accessible or is not on the ground floor.

  • Inform the office if the venue for your event has changed

  • Access to running water


By booking our services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.

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