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How to Throw a Spectacular UV Party for Kids With Moji Entertainer

Are you ready to throw a party that shines brighter than the rest? A UV (ultraviolet) party, with its glowing colours and magical atmosphere, is a fantastic way to celebrate a special occasion for your kids. From glowing decorations to vibrant activities, a UV party can transform an ordinary celebration into an extraordinary, luminous adventure. Here are top tips to help you host an unforgettable UV party for kids:

UV parties for kids London
Hands up!

1. Choose the Right Venue

  • Indoor Spaces: A UV party requires a dark environment to really make the UV effects pop. Basements, garages, or any room that can be made dark enough with the help of blackout curtains are perfect. The darker you can make your venue, the better the glow in the dark effect will be.

  • Space Requirements: Ensure the venue is spacious enough for children to move around safely once the lights are out and the UV lights are on.

  • Venue Top Tip: Generally it’s best to host a UV party in the winter months as it gets darker earlier. However this doesn’t mean you can’t hit them in the summer. Just remember that along with your venue being dark you will also want to keep it at reasonable temperature. Having all the windows and blinds closed can cause you venue to become uncomfortably hot, try to choose a venue that has air-conditioning so that you can keep the party space cool even if the weather is too hot.

2. Light It Up

  • UV Lights: The most crucial element of a UV party is having UV or black lights. These can be rented or purchased at party supply stores. Install them around the party area to ensure maximum coverage. Fortunately we include these in all our UV party packages as standard.

  • Safety First: Ensure that the UV lights used are safe and meant for parties; avoid any industrial-strength UV lights as they can be harmful.

3. Glowing Decorations

  • Fluorescent Materials: Use decorations that are fluorescent or specifically designed to glow under UV light. Think neon streamers, glowing balloons, and bright tablecloths.

  • DIY Glow: White and neon-colored paper or fabric can glow under UV light. Get creative with homemade decorations like stars, moons, and planets.

4. Dress Code

  • Bright Attires: Invite guests to wear white or neon clothes which naturally pop under UV lighting. You can also wear black clothing that has UV paint designs on it. Set on a black back ground the UV paint will really gloms and show off the designs. 

  • Accessories: Provide UV-reactive face paints and glow sticks. Let the kids wear glowing necklaces, bracelets, and even glasses.

5. Creative Activities

  • UV Face Painting: Hire a professional face painter who can use UV-reactive face paints to create designs that will glow in the dark.

  • Glowing Crafts: Set up a craft station where kids can make their own glowing jewelry or decorate hats with neon materials.

Uv glow bar at UV party in London

6. Fun with Fluorescents

  • Hire A Children’s Entertainer: Moji Children’s Entertainers are masters at bringing fun and excitement to kids events of all ages. A good children’s entertainer, will host your party, run competitions, give away prizes, keep the children engaged in all the activities and also make it fun for grown ups too. Moji Entertainer can also tailor their entertainment to suit the ages of the children attending your event. 

  • Invitations: Our packages include UV party invitations perfect for getting your guests in the mood to party!

UV  party invitation

7. Glowing Snacks

  • Glowing Drinks: Serve beverages that fluoresce under UV light, like tonic water (which glows blue). Use it in punches or mix it with other drinks. You can also buy fluorescent cups 

  • Bright Foods: Use neon food dye to make glowing icings for cupcakes or a brightly coloured fruit platter.

8. Set the Mood with Music

  • Dance Floor: Create a dance floor area where kids can dance under the UV lights. Include a playlist of their favorite pop and dance songs to keep the energy high. Use UV tape to design a dance floor space.

9. Capture the Moments

  • Photography: UV light can create some unique photo opportunities. Hire a photographer who is experienced with low-light settings or set up a photo booth area with a UV light to capture the glowing memories.

  • Hire A Photo Booth: Our photo booth packages at have options to include a photo booth which will not only be fun for the kids to pose in but they will also get printed memories to take home too. 

photo booth at a UV party
Photos? Let's glow!

10. Safety Measures

  • Supervision: Ensure adequate adult supervision to handle the excited crowd, especially in a dimly lit environment.

  • Inform Parents: Make sure to inform other parents about the nature of the party (with UV lights) and any other important details.

Hosting a UV party can be an exhilarating experience for kids, filled with stunning visual effects and tons of fun. By following these tips, you can ensure a safe, vibrant, and memorable event that will leave kids glowing with happiness!

Puppet show at a UV party in London

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