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Children's Party Tips When Hiring A Children's Entertainer

There's a lot to consider when hosting a children's birthday party, should you hire a bouncy castle? Should you hire a children's entertainer? Face painter? What should I feed everyone? Well if you are booking with Moji we have some great tips for making hiring a children's entertainer in Essex and the South East for children's party simple and stress free.

1. Hire a Professional Children's Entertainer

It probably goes without saying but there are literally hundreds of children's party companies, especially around Essex and London. Choosing the right one can be tricky. You Certainly want to look at more than price when considering who will entertain your children. Birthday parties are big memories and you should definitely choose a company who specialise in parties and not just someone who does parties on the side. Look at reviews, check their social media, ask other parents, a little extra research will certainly pay dividends. Good children's entertainers will also be able to entertainer all ages and adapt their parties to suit all situations

2. Hire your children's entertainer before you book your venue.

Good children's entertainers get booked well in advance and can typically only squeeze in around three parties a day. That means It's much easier to find a venue for your party than find an entertainer for the time you have booked a venue. A list of local venues can be found here.

3. Make your party easy to find.

Both your guest and your entertainer will benefit from simple things like balloons outside the venue. You can have lots of fun creating signs too.

4. Pick a venue that has plenty of parking

Your guests may arrive late if they have to find somewhere to park. It may also complicate and affect any set up time if your entertainer cannot park.

5. Choose a venue that's the right size for your party.

Ideally, your party guest will have plenty of room to dance and move about without the venue having a terrible acoustic problem. Your ears will thank you after the party. Having a smaller venue will also make the grown ups more engaged with the party too.

6. Have your party at home.

If your home will accommodate it, it will be cheaper and make your party time more flexible. Just be sure to clear a space big enough for all the children to sit in a circle. Ideally, you should also clear away any toys.

If you're having your party in the garden make sure you have cover for the children and your entertainer's equipment. Rain will otherwise likely stop your party.

7. Preparing Food.

If you want to serve a small meal, keep the party food offerings simple. Familiar snacks like pizza or sandwiches work well and can be turned into special party food by using cookie cutters to make star-shaped sandwiches or heart-shaped pizza.

If parents are dropping off children at the party, be sure you know about any food allergies.

It's best to avoid anything with nuts (including peanut butter sandwiches) because so many children are allergic to them.

Or you can always order in to save time. Food breaks are normally organised for half way through your party so try and aim the delivery for 5 or 10 mins before to allow for the delivery to be running late. We can always work around this too.

8. Guests Lists

Keep track of who you've invited to the party, as well as who has RSVP'd and any special requests.

Big is not always best - don't get trapped into inviting everyone your child has ever known.

9. Involve the birthday child in the planning

If your child is old enough, sit down with them and offer a few suggestions for the birthday party theme - to avoid disappointment perhaps write down the options you are prepared to invest your time and money in and then let them choose from the list.

Don't ask your child to come up with the party plan because tears may follow when you say no to a petting zoo on your apartment balcony.

10. Present opening

Do you or don't you open presents with your party guests?

Opening presents after everyone has gone home is much less stressful (there is no one to hear your child announce he or she doesn't like the present) and you are less likely to lose bits and pieces if you are on hand. It is also a wonderful way to end a day.

If you open presents after everyone has left, it's nice to send thank you notes. Ask your child to tell you why they loved each gift and include it in the note. Some editing may be required.

11. Best Friends

If your child has a best friend make sure they can come on the date you are planning for the party before you go ahead with bookings and invitations.

The day just won't be the same without their partner in crime by their side.

12. When to have your party

Weekend parties are better for younger children and family can attend too, while older children will enjoy an after-school party if you can manage it.

They love spending all day in anticipation of going home together, plus your party won't clash with Saturday sport.

If you are planning a Sunday party, keep in mind some people attend church in the morning.

We also offer discounts for midweek parties too.

13. Joint Parties

Having a joint party has multiple benefits, not only is the logistics and organisation more of a team effort but the cost is also halved. It can be much cheaper to host a party with a second set of parents, Just make sure they have the same ideas on themes and budget as you


There's loads you can do to make your party a great and stress free experience and we would love to help make your party one to remember. We can supply face painters, children's entertainers for under 7's parties, children's entertainers for under 12's parties, sweet cones, popcorn & candy floss, photo booths and much more, check out our children's party packages.

If you need more help, feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to help.

The Moji Team


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